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  • Supports OMR (Optical Mark Reading) scanner and common Simplex/Duplex Image Scanner
  • Supports OMR, IMSR, OCR, ICR, Barcode & MICR Recognition
  • Built-in question bank for managing historical question
  • Supports double-sided, multi-page forms
  • Supports data save as multiple Revision
  • Intelligent question validation and logical checking function
  • Customizable input criteria
  • Linked with database you created to check questions (e.g. MS Access, MS FoxPro)
  • Supports online and offline recognition that makes group work easier
  • Test results calculation lets you assign mark for each correct, wrong or blank question; It also allows different marks for each question
  • Produces useful reports with 3D graphs & charts
  • Supports export data to more than 30 formats (e.g. ASCII, Rich Text, MS Excel, MS Access, MS FoxPro)