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Data Verification

After all of the answer forms are scanned into TestAnyTime® V3.7, you can proceed with data verification of these answer forms against the model answer.

Step 1: In the main window of TestAnyTime® V3.7, make sure your current project is loaded. Then select Test --> Image Finder.

Step 4: Candidate information is shown here in accordance with the zones you defined earlier.

Step 5: Start verifying the questionable answer forms here. In our example, any question answered by more, or less, than one choice will not be counted any score at all. Therefore we double-click in the red field and select empty, and leave the green fields as they are.

Step 6: After verifying the questionable answer forms, click the Save icon.

Step 7: To see all answer forms, deselect the Questionable Only on the left top.

Step 8: TestAnyTime® V3.7 allows you to manually adjust the answer form. To do so, click the Manual Key Entry button on the tool bar in the main window.

Step 9: A Manual Key Entry window opens. Locate Respondent ID and click the button with an triangle mark to show the Choice List window.

Step 10: Double-click any answer form in the Choice List window you want to modify.