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Section Management

You can put the zones, which are now simply grouped under the Section 1 folder in our example, into different groups for the sake of clarification and references. This process also facilitates a more clarified and sensational Report Analysis that you may want to create later on.

Step 1: Right click anywhere in the Test Questions field and then select New Section.

Step 2: In the Section window, give the new section a meaningful name (we name Candidate Info here for the first section). Then click the OK button.

Here comes a new section named Candidate Info in the Test Questions field.

Step 3: To put related zones into the new section Candidate Info, click the Rearrange button on the bottom.

Step 4: In the Rearrange window, select our newly created section Candidate Info.

Step 5: Select all related zones you want to put into the Candidate Info section. You can do so by pressing the Ctrl key while selecting the zones.

Step 6: Click the > button to put the selected zones into the Candidate Info section. Then click the Close button on the left buttom to finish selection.

Step 7: Back in the Test Design window, you may want to rename to the Section 1 folder, which now is the group containing only the answer zone prefixed with Q. To do so, right click the folder and select Edit Section.

Step 8: Enter a meaningful name (Answers in this example) for this answer zone and then click the OK button.

Step 9: Back in the Test Design window, you may want to put the Candidate Info section above the Answers section. To do so, select the Candidate Info section and then click the "upper" button (having a black triangle icon with a tip on the top) as follows:

Step 10: You may repeat the Step 1 to Step 9 until you think it is enough for any other zones.

Remember saving upon leaving whenever any modification has been made in Test Design.